I met Julie of Dixie Dox Miniatures in 2007 after doing research to find a reputable breeder of dachshunds. It was then that I adopted my Lexus (i.e.: Lexie) who has given me so much joy. Julie made herself available to answer any question I had in raising a happy, healthy puppy. Lexie became best buddies with our Siamese, Baby Kitty.

A few years had gone by and we lost our beloved Baby. Everyone, including Lexie was so lonesome. After some time, we decided to look for a doxie friend for Lexie. After seeing Facebook posted pictures of Julie’s newest litter, I fell in love with one particular puppy who eventually ended up being our latest addition. Lincoln came to us in November ‘10 and has become a wonderful addition to our family. Besides being a good friend, Julie has been so helpful with puppy issues. Anyone wanting to adopt a dachshund would be wise to use Julie of Dixie Dox Miniatures!

Shireen Schultz
Blaine, Mn                       

Lexie & Lincoln
Our family began 15 years ago with the help of DixieDox Miniatures.  On May 24th, 1995 mamma Karate had a beautiful litter of puppies.  I remember the first day we went to see them after they were born on day 4,   Oh those chubby little red balls all in a box snuggled up with mamma Karate.

Well we waited the 8 weeks when "mamma Julie" said "OK the puppies are ready...".  We went and picked up our little girl who we named "Royal Red Lady"  AKA Bailey, AKA BaaBaa Girl.  I will never forget the ride home, she cried and cried, she made me cry.  But all was well once we got home, she tied us right around her little toes.  So then 1 year later, we get a call from Julie saying she has another litter born June 1, so we then went and picked up our first boy who we named "Sir Bartles Jameous" AKA Bart, AKA Boo Boo.  I had told Julie, I don't want a boy and I don't want a black and tan, only a red girl.  Well I ate my words, he is the most wonderful loving little boy ever. 

Now 14 years later we just adopted our 3rd little one from her and yes it is a boy....and black and tan again, who is named "Solo" AKA Solman.  But yes there is more, we are going to get our 4th little one from Julie this spring, but this time I am holding to a red girl.   We have since lost our first little girl "Baa Baa" who left foot prints on our hearts.  Julie has the most beautiful, high quality and socialized dogs.  She always makes sure her puppies are a fit for their new home.  I will never look anywhere else for my babies. 

 Thank you to Julie for helping me build my family. 

Love The Brandon's!
Steve, Kim, & Conner  Brandon. 
Springfeild  , Ne.  

My husband and I have known Julie and her DixieDox  Miniatures for about 13 years. She has wonderful puppies. We have had two of her pups and they are just the best.  We still keep in contact with her.
 The Keating's  
  Omaha, Ne.   

I have had the opportunity to know Julie and DixieDox Miniatures for many years.  Julie takes pride in the health, care, and comfort of her dogs.  Her puppies are always socialized, healthy, and very well cared for.  She is an A++++ owner and breeder.  I have had the pleasure in going to many dog shows with Julie in pursuit of our dogs championships.  

 Doreen - DEJA-Vu Boston Terriers

Bart & Bailey
After months of e-mailing back and forth, my wife, Deb and I finally met Julie in October of 2010. We drove from Lake Panorama to her home in Storm Lake to look at her latest litter of pups.  We even brought our own doggies Rusty (15 yrs old) and Simba (13 yrs old) along with us. Upon arrival, we could see that Julie had taken a lot of time and care to provide the pups with a loving environment.  And as we continued to visit we could see right away that her pets were just more to her than mere animals, but they were family..they were her "fur-kids".  However, we were most impressed by the affection Julie showed towards our own "fur-kids"  as well.  I thought to myself, "wow she really loves animals"  At that moment we knew we were at the right place. 

My wife and I began our journey to Julie's DixieDox with the idea of just meeting Julie and seeing firsthand the place where the pups were living. And of course, to meet the pups. We were not sure that the timing was just right to add to our family. But after what turned out to be a 2-3 hour visit consisting of friendly conversation and playing with the pups,  our thinking was beginning to change. Later as we drove back home, my wife and I began re-hashing  our decision and before long I could sense that we were going to be back up there again soon.  When the following week-end  arrived, we made the drive again and this time we came home with a beautiful little girl whom we named Keysa.  

Looking back, I believe both my wife and I have made the right move. Keysa has given Rusty and Simba a renewed spirit of youth as she keeps them on their paw-toes.  Deb tells everyone, " I don't believe I've ever known Wayne to become attached so quickly  to a new pup and vice-versa".  Yep! I told Deb that we can go back to Julie's DixieDox in the Spring and get her a Doxie pup  too.   

Wayne & Deb Russell
Lake Panorama, Panora IA
Simba , Keysa, Rusty
Our beloved fur-kids
Champions of the Heart