In 2005   we decided to add MORE  brains & beauty to our family   and  purchased  2 beautiful parti-poodles. The Black/white parti is  JC Pioneer High Voltage and we call him  "Jazz"   and  silver/white parti is QT Pawz Hurray  for Hollywood  aka "Hollywood" .  Not only are they a very smart breed of dog,   they are non-shedding, and  they also helped me practice my skills  of grooming a poodle in my grooming shop.


 We have had 2 litters of very stunning   PartiTyme  poodle puppies and you can see more pictures of the parti-puppies on my past puppy's page.   We hope to have another litter someday in the future.   
Noel,   came to  us as a rescue when she was just  a baby puppy.    She was the  " big sister"    to all  the other dogs here.,  and made rounds  out to the barn to Keep watch over the horse and ducks and chickens.  Actually we think she just liked  "gathering" the fresh eggs for her own breakfast.  
 We lovingly enjoyed her companionship for 13  yrs.   She went to Rainbow  Bridge  in  2010.    

This is Tramp.   He came to us as a stray, found running around in town.   He was not in good shape, skinny,   dirty,   had areas on his back that looked like  he had been badly burned.   He had ear infection and also  an unknown infection in all his toenails.   His teeth were broken and ground down, like he had been trying to escape from somewhere.   I said he could come here, that I was sure after  his infections and medical problems were cleared up I would not have any trouble finding him a home.   
 I didn't even try to find him a new home...he stole our hearts.  He was then neutered,and is the only longhair dachshund  at DixieDox.   (so far !) 

Although   " Tamalie "   is   not so fluffy,   she joined our family in 1997   thanks  to David Hoy  with the intentions of becoming a  show dog  and also my grooming shop mascott.  When  clients came in with a matted dog, I told them this is what their dog was going to look like when I was done with it !    With the registered name of WildWood's Black Eyed Susan,  she quickly  earned her call name of Tamalie.  She was hot !   Hot in the show ring.  Very animated  with a bubbly personality and nice conformation   earned her a 5 pt. major  her first time out,   overseveral prestigous specials !   She finished her Championship very quickly  and then  was spayed and  was content to be a loving pet and at 14 yrs old continues to be the grooming shop mascott.    

This is Paco, our Mexican Red Headed Amazon Parrot.  She is now about  20 yrs. old. She likes to scream for attention, and the dachshunds would LOVE to get ahold of her!  
 Thank goodness she didn't learn to bark!
In 2002,  " Mercy",   a Japanese Chin   came on the scene  and she   took over the position of  the   grounds keeper and over see'er   of the barn,  after  Noel died.   I guess no one ever told her she was suppose to be prissy &  dainty, and she quickly zooms through the barn to check on the chickens & ducks, then through the horse yard and back to the house, where then she assumes her position as royalty on the hearth of the fire place.  
Champions of the Heart