We live on an acreage where I have owned and operated Tails-A-Waggin Pet Grooming & Boarding business since 1990 and my husband owns & operates a trucking business.   

My dogs are my full time companions & guards when he is gone.   I also have 3  wonderful grandchildren that also share my love  for the dogs & they are great little puppy socializers !   My granddaughter has also been  active in obedience trainging & the breed ring, finishing her own Champion at the ripe old age of 10 !  My grandson also started his first dog in obedience in 2010.  


My dogs also share my love of the outdoors & gardening & occassionally find a flower bloom to eat, or dig up what I have just planted !   They also have a wood pile in their yard to hunt and play around on & they take care of any  vermin that may mistakably wander into their space.  

Champions of the Heart