Phone #
Occupation - list both if husband/wife
Why do you want a dog?
Any preferences?  Breed, size, sex, etc. 
Do you have any other pets? Tell us about them
What pets have you had in the past 5 years? What happened to them?
People and hours spent in the household. List ages of children in the home
Do you own or rent your home?
Do you have a fenced yard that provides a secure enclosure? How high?
Where will the dog stay during the day?  Indoors loose, Indoors crate, basement, ourdoors loose, tied up outdoors, outdoors fenced area, other
Do you have time to spend with the dog each day?
We would appreciate visiting with your vet so please provide her/his name, address and phone number
Will you provide regular medical attention?
Please tell us about yourself. Anything specific about your family that would put your family a step above others that are interested in my dogs

Champions of the Heart
How many hours a day will the dog be alone?
Does anyone in your household have allergies?
Describe the neighborhood where you live; i.e. townhouse, individual home, lots of children, quiet, mostly adults, near downtown, edge of town, etc
Where will the dog stay at night? Be specific
Life style sometime changes. If you moved, became ill, or present circumstances change, what would happen to the dog?
Under what conditions would you feel it necessary to relinquish the dog?
Do you promise to notify Julie and return the dog if you cannot keep her/him?
Do you have any objections to a home visit?
How  do you feel about a dog that might not be  housebroken and what would you do in that situation?  

If  the dog you are interested in is a  breed that needs regular grooming/ haircuts, are  you aware of the expense, and are you able to provide that care for the dog?