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A big huge heartfelt thank you to ALL of you that has donated to help with the puppy mill dog auction dogs. What a blessing to have such compassionate dog loving friends .

 God Bless you all,
Julie & the DixieDox Gang

Hi,   My name is SpeedWay, but they call me Speedo for short.  I  am a  male dapple piebald  dachshund. I will be 3 yrs old on July 27. When I was a baby, the puppy mill I was  born at sold me to another puppy mill  to be used   as a stud dog.   I was thrown  into  a quansit  building to live my life in a small  wire cage.   My puppy mill owner didn't know I was  deaf  although they owned me for almost 3 years.   My rescuer  bought me off of a dog auction, and she knew I was deaf after only being at her house for 1 day.   The  puppy millers didn't care  that I may be passing this on to all the  puppies that I sired, although their website claims them to be "dachshund experts" .    
Because of the fact that I can't hear  I really need  to have a family that has a fenced in  yard, and because I was caged in such a small area  I have this minor quirk of running in alot of circles,  BUT    my rescuer has a big fenced yard and it has been kind of weird and fun  learning how to walk and run in a straight line !  Sometimes I accidently get myself into a corner and start  circling...but then I  find my way back into going straight again.  It has been really  fun learning how to walk on grass and playing with toys and I really get along good  with all the other doggies here.  I love everyone I meet,  kids too. I really am a great little dog, and I am pretty little, only about 7 lbs., tops, so I won't take up much space  and will be a good friend if someone is willing  to share their home with me
 and able to deal with my silly  ways.     
I sleep  very good in a crate,  and since I am so  busy running in my big yard, that when I go to sleep  I am very tired and sleep very hard.   You can make all the noise  in the house you want to...it doesn't bother my sleeping one bit !   Kinda like you turning off your hearing aide !     My shots are all up to date now,  I  am now neutered,   I had my teeth cleaned and 6 bad teeth removed,   and I am  heartworm negative, and I even got groomed by this very nice girl...even a manicure and my ears cleaned out...( what's up with that, I can't hear anyway ! )     So I'm good to go, and am now ready  to interview  my future forever  family.   I am excited about this  phase of my new life.     Speedo

lovingly adopted by Cheryl & Francis 
.My promise to you....From here on out...you will have a name....not just a number.     Julie
Living like a queen with the Cobb Family
Hi,  my name is Hope.   I am a  5 yr. old female dachshund and I have lived my life in a puppy mill in Kansas.  I was used for continual breeding  until my last litter of puppies, I had to have a c-section, so they didn't want me any more. My rescuer bought me off of a dog auction. I was not in very good shape and my rescuer took me to the vet. I had a big lump on my back and my teeth were black from front to back.  I had to have 13 teeth pulled, but the ones I have left are really nice and white now, and I am back to eating hard dog kibble. When the vet spayed me she said whoever did my c-section  really butchered  me, and it looked like it  had been a  "at home"  job.    
My uterus had adhered to my bladder  so my surgery took a little longer than usual, but now I am in good shape and feel great.  The antibiotics took away the big lump on my back too, so figured it was a big pocket of infection. I was pretty much in shock when I came to my rescuers house. Wow,  it was like doggie Disneyland. I never dreamed there were such things as a big yard to run in.  All I had before was a wire cage.   My feet were really sore.    And toys to play with!  Never dreamed there was such a thing.     And I get to sleep  on a doggie bed with a big fluffy blanket.   You can't imagine what I used to have to sleep on. I have discovered that I really like  to be touched and  I love to have my tummy rubbed. I roll right over for that treatment !  


Puppy mill rescue. 7 yrs old.  All  vet work done. Roxie is super sweet. Would love a fenced yard.  No small  children  due  to  very fragile bones  on IG's. Personality is great!   Learning how to play toys.     



3 year old male poodle available  to approved  forever  home.    He  can’t  understand why  his  family  dumped  him  out  in  the country  all  alone  and   in  very cold  Iowa  weather.   But  even though  he  has  endured  these hardships...he  is  very  happy  &  loving.    Veno  is  fully  vetted  and  ready  to take  on  the  next  best  chapter  of his  life.   

All Adopted
Jewel is our newest rescue. She was rescued from a puppy mill and was about ready to deliver.  Pupppies were born Oct 18, 2013. 3 girls and 2 boys all happy & healthy.  Puppies will be available for adoption when big enough. If interested, please fill out an Adoption Application